TeleWare Completes Hosted Testing with E-Series Handsets

TeleWare, the provider of intelligent hosted and customer premises communication solutions to businesses, today confirmed that the Nokia E65 has been tested for operation with the TeleWare Hosted Services SIP platform. This enables businesses to support a single handset for all inbound and outbound telephony using WiFi in coverage areas, GSM when users are mobile and as a SIP handset while on their own business premises.

The new Nokia handset has completed thorough functionality tests while connecting over WiFi to the TeleWare hosted platform over both the open Internet and partner networks. The system bypasses the GSM network to make both internal and PSTN calls.

The phone can be configured to automatically test for a WiFi network and route calls made over the less expensive SIP network. The device passes calls made on the mobile out over the Internet, or TeleWare partner network, to the TeleWare hosted service platform which routes the call to its chosen carrier partner using the SIP protocol.

“In operation, the user does not need to do anything except to make a call,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO for TeleWare plc. “The setup is simple; the business subscribes to the IP Centrex hosted service and configures the WiFi and SIP client applications on the mobile phone using our 10 minute setup guide and the system is up and running – all the switching and routing is transparent and seamless,” added Haworth.

Haworth highlights the clear and immediate cost savings with no loss of functionality. In addition, while on WiFi there is no interruption to SMS usage or to incoming GSM calls.

“With the addition of an intelligent Number service and registration by the user, we can also send incoming calls to the mobile phone, bypassing any additional call charges and avoiding mobile charges by sending calls through the IP network when in the organisation’s locale,” continued Haworth.

Standard office PBX functionality, such as star services and call transfer, are also supported making it a cost effective solution for small offices and start up businesses. There is no need for the customer to buy a PBX and, through WiFi in the office and hosted IP Centrex switching, the only mobile call charges incurred are when a user is out of range of the premises network.

The Nokia E65 is the first Nokia model to be certified for the TeleWare Hosted IP Centrex solution and testing on the full E range and the Nokia N range will take place over the next few months. The solution is available for deployment from the end February 2008, IP Centrex services and applications from TeleWare’s platform can be purchased from accredited sales partners such as Azzurri, Qube Networks, JVH and TT-Office.

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