TeleWare delivers a Presence Solution on Hosted, PBX and Mobile Handsets

TeleWare, the provider of intelligent communication solutions to businesses and service providers, today announced the immediate availability of presence software that delivers the ability for people to receive presence information from third party SIP devices. Presence is typically available on the office IP PBX but delivers the greatest benefits to people who are not in the office but who may be working on the public network, at home or on a mobile phone. Enabling them to see colleagues’ presence can save time and save on missed calls and voicemail costs. TeleWare already have users of presence in all three scenarios – hosted, on-premise PBX and mobile. This makes TeleWare the first telecommunications application vendor to be able to offer presence across all device types and for third party SIP Telephony.

Communications deployments typically include a mixture of PBX types which can include TDM and IP as well as mobile phones and a hosted telephony service. To deliver the value of presence in a Unified Communications solution we provide a layer across all systems and all devices to create a single presence system which can be applied through our mobile application and through intelligent Number, the TeleWare flag-ship personal numbering product already in use by tens of thousands of users.

“TeleWare has always been an enabler of value added functionality and capabilities on third party PBXs, in particular, features to add value for mobile users,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO of TeleWare plc, “this latest development takes presence applications into the multi vendor arena and it is only when this is achieved that the benefits of presence in a unified communications solution are truly going to be achieved for the majority of enterprise customers. Our aim is to cost effectively deliver the same presence capabilities for all users, whatever their PBX and whatever the size of their system.”

A limitation of presence solutions today is that each presence-enabled PBX has a separate presence capability and for some solutions, such as Cisco, this is licensed per server. Cisco is the first SIP-based PBX solution for which TeleWare is shipping this solution and this will be shortly followed by the ability to provide integrated presence on Microsoft OCS and then on other SIP-based PBXs.

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