TeleWare Empowers Major Sporting Event Ticket Centre

TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, has announced the deployment of a multi lingual incoming call management solution for the ticket centre for a major sporting event. Supporting multiple languages, the system ensures that during periods of high call volume, eager fans can leave a message and an email is generated and sent to the local country team to contact the caller directly to arrange tickets and accommodation requirements.

“The volume of calls our client is experiencing is huge and may well grow as the event progresses,” comments Stephen Pritchard, Managing Director of Matrix247, “what we needed was a method of dealing with surges of call volumes in an effective manner and then route the information to the right agents in different countries.”

Matrix 247 is an accredited TeleWare Partner with extensive experience in managing call handling for large scale events. As Pritchard explains, “The system supports English, French, Spanish and German and can quickly scale to deal with even the largest call surges.”

By designing a centralised, SIP-based call architecture and routing traffic via local hubs, the system has a great deal of built-in resilience which means that, even if a site becomes unavailable for any reason, calls, emails and customer details can still be passed on to other agents to deal with requests.

Customer service is key to running a successful sporting event and, typically, there is an extremely high level of calls during the run-up to the event so a quality incoming call management system is absolutely critical. So far, the system has performed flawlessly on a technical level.

“Even if a caller can’t get through or does not want to wait on the line, the system can still take messages and schedule a ring back from an agent best placed to deal with the request,” explains Pritchard. “Because the system knows where the call is coming from and which agents are available, the routing process helps to reduce wait times and reduces the cost of processing ticket sales, he concluded.

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