TeleWare Enhances its SIP Trunking Capabilities

TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, today announced two new enhancements to the capabilities of their SIP Trunk solution. Failover resilience allows a business to manage the risk of PBX or lease line failure, providing business continuity for no additional investment. The call recording capability enables all calls on the trunk to be recorded with all the business-class, secure and encrypted capabilities of the standard TeleWare call recording offering.

“With this new release, Resellers will be able to configure SIP Trunk failover for their customers when assigning DDIs in the Service Manager portal,” explained Nick Reaks, Operations Director for TeleWare plc. “We are giving more control to our channel partners to easily manage and change the settings. The assigned DDIs can be any number; for instance, a switchboard in another office, a mobile number or a home phone,” added Reaks.

SIP Trunking provides a way for SMBs to cut down considerably on the start-up and management costs of switching to VoIP phone services. SIP Trunking reduces the need for gateways by using software to manage the VoIP service and by utilizing the carrier’s already-existing network of gateways. This avoids the multiple hops associated with IP network connections and so preserves the voice quality. Gateways will only be needed when running hosted IP applications over existing non-IP PBXs on the customer’s site.

With the failover capability, in the event that the primary SIP Trunk fails, calls will be automatically diverted to the failover route. Primary link failure is detected automatically by non-answer or by an unavailable signal when the SIP PBX on the designated number is dialled. The failover is based on a standard DDI so the service will support any connectivity type; for instance, GSM, PSTN or ISDN. This is an enhancement to the existing SIP Trunking service. Customers can request a failover route be allocated to their SIP Trunks through their approved reseller and this can be set up in retrospect at no additional charge.

Call recording for SIP Trunks on the TeleWare Hosted Platform provides the flexibility to record all calls or record calls on demand. Trunk-side recording is being added to the existing capabilities of extension and inbound recording already provided. Recordings can be stored and recalled for reference at any time, without the need to purchase and house expensive on-site recording equipment. Hosted Call Recording offers true device independence; so you can record your business critical calls automatically.

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