TeleWare Expands Platform Capacity and Resilience

TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, has announced that they have finalised their planned expansion of the TeleWare Hosted Services platform to accommodate the growth in hosted services for telephony and the increasing demands that are anticipated to meet the FSA call recording deadline of 14th November 2011.

The upgrade programme has been completed without disruption to existing customer services. “We have undertaken this planned expansion after reviewing best-of-breed solutions,” explained Paul Millar, Technical and Services Director at TeleWare Plc. “It is the culmination of over 2 year’s of research and planning and we are delighted that it has all gone so smoothly,” added Millar.

Ensuring your platform has the ability to accommodate the peaks in network traffic requires ongoing investment and good quality system planning and capacity measurement. Millar has final responsibility for the platform capacity and uptime and has just completed a strenuous upgrade programme that has increased the capacity on the platform two-fold, ensuring TeleWare can continue to meet its clients’ expectations to handle peak traffic levels.

“We regularly increase capacity to maintain our target of coping with 100% peaks in traffic at any time,” said Millar. “Our target is to ensure we do not exceed 50% usage on the platform so that we can handle spikes. The latest upgrades enable us to keep growing as traffic grows and accommodates the expected rapid increase in high demand users as a result of the TeleWare Mobile Compliance solution for FSA compliant call recording.”

“We believe we are unique in the market in providing 100% peak traffic capacity planning in our platform architecture,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO at TeleWare. “This approach ensures that our clients can always get on the network for their calls and allows us to manage the increasing demand for network-based voice services and Call Recording and Instant Conferencing capabilities, where capacity required can be highly fluid. Also, it allows us to prepare for the new product releases planned to address the growing market for people using both fixed and mobile numbers on one handset,” added Haworth.

The customer today is looking for a strong and reliable service offering one bill, one handset, one network and, increasingly, one supplier. The TeleWare architecture design is ultimately flexible and can be easily upgraded to ensure this growth in capacity and increased usage of the network for free inter-client calls can be readily accommodated.

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