TeleWare Free Inter-Tenancy Dialling

TeleWare, the provider of intelligent communication solutions to businesses and service providers, has announced free inter-tenancy dialling for clients using the TeleWare Hosted Communications platform. However, by placing charging policy squarely in the hands of Partners, inter-tenancy calling can still generate revenue for partners without incurring costs.

Inter-tenancy dialling is also referred to as On-Net dialling and it creates a Quality of Service Business Skype-type service with the ability for all users on a tenancy to communicate with each other over their IP Extensions or Private Mobile Extensions without incurring any call charges. Partners who resell the TeleWare Hosted solution can still charge for On-Net calls at either the normal or reduced rate. This includes calls between their own clients or a client signed up to by a rival TeleWare Hosted Communication partner.

“As the TeleWare communications network grows with more partners and clients, the benefits of free On-Net calls grows exponentially,” explains Nick Reaks, Operations Director for TeleWare. “Our partners are able to set their own tariffs and this freedom combined with On-Net helps them to maximise the amount of call revenue they are able to generate,” added Reaks. TeleWare has over 50 partners signed up to resell its Hosted Communication service.

The solution provided by TeleWare is a business-class voice service, including capabilities such as divert, hold, transfer and cascading ring groups as well as star service functionality, and offers customers a free voice connection over their existing broadband connection and router.

“We differentiate our service by the business communications capabilities provided,” explained Reaks. “The service can be accessed from a free soft phone from Counterpath or, for a one-off charge, a Polycom desk phone can be provided, whereas most mobile phones will operate with Private Mobile Extensions. The solution literally creates an instant telephone system with the potential for free calls between companies, their suppliers and their customers. In fact, between anyone using an IP Extension on the Intelligent Exchange platform,” added Reaks.

In addition to the benefits of having access to a business-class voice service, the Hosted Communications solution offers customers the option to leverage other TeleWare products on the platform, such Voice and Fax mail, Call Recording and Auto Attendants or IVR, to supply handsets for those who want a desk phone, and to upgrade from broadband with high contention to a business quality broadband service for those who want a higher quality of service. To ensure quality of service, a TeleWare approved router needs to be used in the solution.

The service is provided to Public Sector, Enterprise and SME through Accredited TeleWare sales channels.

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