TeleWare Integrate Voice into Business Processes

TeleWare has announced the release of their latest addition to the intelligent application suite – intelligent Developer (iD) – a fully featured development platform for the creation of leading edge voice applications.

Implemented appropriately, an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system can be an integral part of a company’s incoming call strategy and can provide significant benefits to the organisation, including:

• Reduced cost of call handling
• Enhanced customer experience, with automation where appropriate
• Better utilisation of staff, with fewer repetitive and ‘tedious’ calls
• Increased availability and access of information outside of normal working hours
• The ability to smooth the peaks in call volumes or cater for emergency situations

intelligent Developer (iD) provides the ability to take interactive voice response a step further and build voice solutions that are fully integrated into business processes. “Companies today are constantly reviewing their systems and products as they seek new ways to differentiate themselves and respond to the changing demands of the marketplace,” explains Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director for TeleWare. “intelligent Developer allows organisations to realise the full potential of the knowledge and data within the company, making it available when and where it can be of most value to the business,” she adds.

Most business processes consist of a sequence of interactions involving the exchange of information between customers, staff and computer based systems. The right integration technology, such as TeleWare’s intelligent Developer, can enable customers to automate this kind of information processing, making it more efficient. One of the key areas where TeleWare greatly facilitates the automation and integration of business processes is that of bringing the calling customer and the company’s data records for the customer together at the point of need.

“Many organisations are facing pressures to reduce operating costs without having an impact on customer service and, for the majority of our customers, the telephone continues to be the preferred interface to the organisation. What we are doing is enabling our customers to cost effectively make the telephone a more powerful business tool,” added Hansen.

“The new iD product is part of the intelligent Application Builder product family and uses the core TeleWare runtime libraries to ensures the same high level of compatibility with industry standard PBXs and third party applications,” Hansen adds.

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