TeleWare Launches Customer Portal

TeleWare has launched its new TeleWare Hosted Administration Portal to help hosted customers access and customise a range of features, such as IVR, call recording and conference calls, as well as common housekeeping tasks such as moves and changes, and includes full billing and reporting functions.

“We are breaking the perception that a telephony service is fixed in stone. The new Hosted Administration Portal empowers our users to access key features online and tailor the solution to their individual needs without compromising security to our hosted platform,” explains Lesley Hansen, Group Marketing Director for TeleWare.

“The portal is complimentary and runs in tandem with our central support team and systems in place with our hosted channel partners; it simply allows more accessibility into the hosted service to deliver customers and partners a better level of service,” added Hansen.

The portal launches officially in September and will initially offer access to the web assistant, Service Manager, IVR, Reporting, Billing, Conferencing and Call Recording. With access based on a rights system that will allow either per individual user or general group-wide administration functions for customers and consulting partners.

The web portal can also be customised to use the branding and service definitions of TeleWare Hosted Services partners to maintain continuity to the end customer and provides billboard space for targeted marketing and service status messages.

Hansen added, “The portal is a live system which interfaces directly with the TeleWare hosted environment allowing any changes to services or user details to take effect immediately. This is much more responsive than traditional carrier systems which normally require several working days for new functionality to be enabled.”

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