TeleWare Mobile Releases Call Recording Interconnect Solution

TeleWare, the provider of communications solutions for mobile and distributed workers, has announced the immediate availability of an FSA Call Recording interconnect capability to enable companies to ensure compliance for mobile calls while still using their existing call recording infrastructure.

The new interconnect can be implemented simply and quickly as it effectively sends mobile calls directly through the fixed call recording equipment and then ‘loops it back’ into TeleWare for switching. Mobile Record Connect complements TeleWare Mobile Direct Connect which provides recording, switching and management at the customer premise.

“Some financial companies prefer to maintain the use of their existing call recording hardware rather than have call recording in the cloud, but in many cases they do not have the capacity to switch all mobile calls through their own PBX without an expensive and time consuming PBX expansion,” explained Steve Haworth, CEO at TeleWare Plc. “To meet this need we have introduced a solution that utilises third party call recording hardware by creating a loop between the TeleWare Mobile platform and designated offsite third party call recording hardware,” added Haworth.

The interconnect is done over a Mobile Trunk using the TeleWare Mobile Recording Connect (MRC) service. Calls to or from TeleWare SIM cards in the customer’s mobile handsets are routed to the customer premise hardware and then passed to the TeleWare platform for voice switching to their final destination. This approach protects existing hardware investments while ensuring that call recording is always inline for any connected mobile call.

“By connecting directly to the recording equipment, one of our customers estimated saving tens of thousands in additional infrastructure and avoided an increased burden on its PBX,” comments Haworth. “But by using the new Mobile Recording Connect, the mobile traffic does not have to go via its PBX but is still processed by its extensive call recording hardware while meeting the same FSA requirement to be free from circumvention,” he concludes.

The FSA Call Recording interconnect uses a standard SIP interface to provide compatibility with major manufacturers of PBX and call recording equipment, including Cisco, Siemens, Avaya and Verint.

The deadline for FSA Compliance is here – 14th November 2011 – , this product variation has been developed in direct response to customer demand. It is available for immediate deployment. TeleWare can also implement a full hosted service as an interim to meet immediate deadlines. TeleWare Mobile Compliance call recording can be demonstrated on request and TeleWare has set up a dedicated FSA Compliance Sales Team to handle the interest in this product.

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