TeleWare Provides Telephony Presence Management on Hosted IP Services

TeleWare, a provider of intelligent hosted and on-premise communication solutions to businesses and service providers, has announced the release of Presence Management on its IP Centrex and Applications Services hosted platforms. The announcement was made at the Convergence Summit being held in Manchester 1-2 May.

Presence Manager empowers users with enhanced communications capabilities, enabling them to know when one of their regular contacts (‘buddies’) is available to receive a telephone call.

Using Presence Manager gives the user a visual indication on their desktop of the status of other users/extensions on their hosted service tenancy. For example, they can see the telephony activity of their colleagues and will know when they are speaking on the phone and not available to receive a call.

The Presence Manager software can be used to display availability of non-TeleWare connected SIP phones. If using a TeleWare hosted IP Extension, then the user gets additional information. For example, they can see the user ‘s registration status and whether they are connected on an office extension, home phone, or mobile, even if these devices are not SIP based.

Buddy lists can be used to display availability status, showing details such as available, unavailable and sending calls to voicemail. Presence information is shown in real time, which allows the user to place their call when they know their contact is available. SIP phone users not utilising Presence Manager can also be viewed on the buddy lists.

“The enterprise application for on-premises installation has been released now for 6 months. It’s running internally here at TeleWare and is also deployed at a number of UK customer sites,” said Nick Reaks, Operations Director for TeleWare Hosted Services. “We are, therefore, confident now and ready to release this application on the hosted services platform where it becomes available to tens of thousands of users,” added Reaks.

The TeleWare Presence Manager solution is a personal application tailored by each individual to their preferred buddy lists. It will provide presence information from multiple sources, including Instant Messaging, Microsoft Live Communications Server and telephony presence from a TeleWare intelligent number and SIP handset.

Key benefits provided to the business user include reduced communications overheads as less use of voicemail reduces mailbox sizes and retrieval costs. Greater individual productivity can be achieved as keeping others informed of your contactability avoids time wasted in ‘telephone tag’ and voicemail communications. Contact lists provide the presence display for easy use so no user training is needed.

This service is immediately available to all TeleWare hosted application users on a monthly fee basis, and to all TeleWare Service Provider partners for installation on their platform through a simple free-of-charge software upgrade under the Annual User Licence and Maintenance programme.

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