TeleWare Releases Communications Manager

TeleWare has launched TeleWare Communications Manager (TCM), its new in-house configured and controlled cloud communications solution. The solution is a flexible tool to manage communications activity with complete view of all inbound and outbound activity.

TCM is cloud based and telephone system agnostic, meaning staff can log into TCM from anywhere and are able to take calls immediately. Central administrators then have visibility of all activities in real time, allowing them to allocate and re-allocate resources to ensure call demand is being met on-the-fly. Multiple dashboards can be configured in-house, allowing companies to tailor data views to suit their needs.

The product is fully scalable, allowing for flexible adding of staff to meet seasonal demands and to grow with the company. The ability to better manage inbound communications is also applicable to a wide range of businesses beyond traditional contact-centre operators. For example, better management of inbound communications can greatly benefit companies operating in diverse sectors such as advertising or recruitment. These companies can experience high call volumes at peak times and need the ability to view and control these calls.

In addition, the Reporting Suite also allows for a full range of insight and analytics including real-time statistics to monitor business performance and customer experience, as well as historic reporting to support ongoing performance analysis.

Terry-Ann Cocker, Product Manager said, “Companies are increasingly understanding the need to have a complete overview and understanding of workflow – especially when staff are in a wide range of locations. What’s more, we’re seeing a large and growing market for contact-centre lite solutions with over 5,600 small—to-medium contact-centres employing less than 200 people to manage their communications and more coming online every day. We can offer them a package that meets all their needs and provides maximum accessibility due to being a cloud-based application.

“However, at the same time, some companies may not be willing or able to commit to a long contract or even have enough visibility of the future in order to make such a commitment. TCM has a minimum 3 month contract period, thereafter a pay as you go monthly contract meaning that even those companies that are just starting out can gain maximum value straight out of the box.”

Steve Haworth (pictured), CEO TeleWare said, “Building a better business is the central point of our TeleWare philosophy. Part of that is giving staff the freedom to work in various locations while still being connected into the whole in real time. TCM is a flexible, simplistic and easy-to-use solution that not only gives a view of what’s happening now, but helps companies to improve their performance by analysing historic data. Any company can then get more insight into their business and employee behaviour to make sure they’re delivering the best customer experience possible.”

TCM is available from September 2016, with an expected second phase adding new functionality in Q4 2016.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine