Teleware Successfully Migrates Call Recording Onto Azure

TeleWare has successfully migrated its TeleWare Hosted Service fixed-line call recording functions completely onto Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and datacentres. This was made possible after TeleWare made the world’s first call completely routed, recorded and analysed through Azure on 13th September 2016.

Calls will now be routed through the TeleWare London datacentre and then directed onto the Microsoft Azure cloud for recording. All fixed-line call recordings will then be passed back into the TeleWare datacentres for secure and compliant storage. Using the cloud means that the system has the ability to flex and scale to meet companies’ needs instantly and respond to periods of high demand automatically. It also provides simple and fast access to upgrades and maintenance. Users can remain at the cutting-edge of technology throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Rob Corrigill, Chief Technology Officer, TeleWare said, “We have been through a steep learning curve to get to this point and there was a widely-held belief that it wouldn’t be possible at this stage of the cloud’s development. From March to October we’ve gone from an idea to reality and are proud to be driving the industry one more step forward. Migrating onto the cloud will enable TeleWare to offer a service to customers which is scalable and will flex with their demands on a minute-by-minute basis. It also gives us the ability to leverage the full potential of the cloud. Above and beyond flexibility and other cloud benefits, both TeleWare and our customers will be able to take advantage of tools such as machine learning, Power BI, Streaming Analytics and, of course, our customer experience analytics.”

Steve Haworth, CEO TeleWare said, “TeleWare has always been known as an innovative company that is pushing the boundaries of the industry. TeleWare was built on our fixed-line recording products and it’s fitting that this is the first product that is completely migrated onto the cloud. Earlier this year we achieved a world-first call routed, recorded and analysed through Azure and that has paved the way for this momentous achievement. However, we won’t be resting on our laurels and will swiftly be seeking out the next innovations and breakthroughs.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine