Teleware Tackle International Bill Shock

In response to the growing number of bill shocks, TeleWare launches a new global mobile bill shock feature that protects travellers across the world.

TeleWare’s new feature alerts users, when they are roaming globally, as they near their limits and in doing so, protects them from going over their data package. Users first receive an alert when they have reached 80 percent of their pre-defined limit. Then, when they reach the limit, the data session is automatically disconnected, unless the limit has been increased by the administrator.

Users are then given the option to increase data packages whilst abroad and then automatically move back down to their default limit at the end of the month, enabling them to maintain connectivity wherever they are.

Unlike the protection offered under EU law, which is set at 50 Euros, TeleWare’s new feature allows the pre-defined limit to be set entirely at the discretion of the account holder. Administrators can choose the limit, which can be set at 50, 250, 500 or 1000 Euros; alternatively, administrators can choose to opt out of having any data limits. If customers want to increase their limits for a specific time they can and it will be automatically reset to their default the next month to continue flawless service delivery.

Danny Hensby, head of product management at TeleWare explains, “At TeleWare we like to think of ourselves as always being on the customers’ side, developing products and features that make a real difference. The EU safety net has been warmly welcomed across the board since its introduction in July 2010 but for some travellers there is an assumption this extends beyond EU countries, and many business travellers have been caught out with a nasty bill. We have worked with networks globally to ensure that we can offer this protection internationally, setting a new best practice in the industry. At TeleWare we work with a number of high profile businesses, big and small, who really appreciate this greater level of protection. This service can be switched on immediately for existing customers.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine