Teleware Tackles Not-Spots with Business Anywhere

The problem of not-spots is so widespread that there are a reported 525 locations around the country with non-existent coverage and around 17 million people who are unable to use mobile devices at home. Interestingly, foreign visitors to the UK may be in a better position than local workers. Overseas SIMs with roaming equipped are not tied down to any one network. They can therefore switch to find the strongest signal.

Steve Haworth, CEO TeleWare said, “We’re extremely pleased that the seriousness of the mobile notspot issue is being recognised by Parliament and we’re very supportive of the work being done by the British Infrastructure Group, led by the Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP. There would be a national outcry if businesses had to choose their offices based on where they could gain access to critical IT systems and it shouldn’t be the case that being unable to connect via mobile affects agile working habits either. It’s also amazing that people visiting the UK may be able to work more efficiently than the businesses that form the backbone of our economy.

“We’re doing our part to make sure that businesses can stay connected and continue working—wherever they are. By using Business Anywhere, companies can rest assured that they will be available to take and place crucial calls.”

At the heart of Business Anywhere is its multi-network SIM. While there is often no problem with mobile connectivity in the office, notspots around the country can mean that it is difficult to connect from home or on the move. By finding the strongest signal, users can remain connected and enjoy a full range of TeleWare functions to maintain office-level functionality wherever they are.

Business Anywhere is a fully comprehensive mobile package that combines a number of TeleWare’s most successful products, including cloud call recording and instant conferencing. Customers can also access Office 365 to maintain access to all-important documents, mobile apps and cloud services. Device-agnostic, Business Anywhere is simple, flexible and scalable—as businesses grow, so does Business Anywhere. ‘Build your own’ packages mean that users can tailor the service to the company, as well as individual users’ needs.

Andrew Fawcett, Product Manager, TeleWare said, “It’s a stark fact that businesses are losing out due to areas where they just can’t connect. With conversion rates of inbound calls to sales at around 30 – 50 percent and the conversion rate of web leads at around 2 percent[1], companies simply can’t afford to miss calls because of poor connectivity. By being able to remain connected and taking full advantage of the opportunities agile working provides, UK businesses can save around 9.4 million hours by using mobile to make them more productive[2]. Notspots are a national problem and we’re happy to be providing a solution that can help alleviate their impact and facilitate efficient and seamless mobile working. We’re looking forward to working with new and existing partners in the national rollout of the service.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine