TeleWare Upgrades their Service Manager

TeleWare has announced new capabilities within its web-based Service Manager deployment and configuration tools. Service Manager is used by TeleWare partners to set up customers’ deployments and profile the services required.

These changes are designed to enable easy and swift deployment and are a response to the increasing volume of hosted service connections being deployed by TeleWare partners.

“Initially, we were dealing with relatively low volumes of connections per day,” said Nick Reaks, TeleWare’s Hosted Services Operations Director. “Volumes have been increasing steadily and our partners need to be able to configure new accounts rapidly and with minimum technical input needed,” he added.

The new version of Service Manager provides the ability to bulk import direct dial numbers (DDI) into tenancies. It includes a tenant wizard, which automates the process of creating tenancies within the platform. This process was previously managed on a manual basis through the TeleWare help desk. The automated process eliminates errors, as each tenancy is created from a standard boilerplate, and reduces a 2-day turnaround to a number of simple steps.

A new network location capability provides the benefit of bandwidth optimisation by creating network locations within a tenancy. Optimising groups can then be designated and, if phones within an optimising group connect, the call will travel directly between them, therefore, saving on network bandwidth and further improving call quality.

In addition, the new Service Manager version will enable set-up of new facilities provided within the platform upgrade that took place in July. For instance, the ability to set up Find Me/Follow Me and Ring All PBX functionality within a tenancy.

TeleWare will demonstrate their Hosted Services capabilities at Convergence Summit on 9th/10th October; visit stand 41 for a demonstration.

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