TeleWare win Spectrum Access Licence Auction

TeleWare has announced its application bid for Spectrum has been provisionally awarded by Ofcom. The concurrent spectrum access license is for the use of spectrum bands 1781.7 – 1785.0 paired with 1876.7-1880.0 MHz. This award of Spectrum opens up a whole new raft of opportunities for TeleWare to provide fixed GSM mobile integration networks that will fully support the entire range of TeleWare products.

The combination of the TeleWare intelligent Mobile Network and TeleWare intelligent Communications suite will provide a feature rich solution to business customers, allowing the creation of private GSM networks to reduce campus based mobile phone costs. Organisations with multiple sites will be able to route calls from each Private GSM network cell across an IP network to form ‘free’ dialing groups.

“We welcome the award by Ofcom and the potential competition it brings to the business GSM market,” comments Geoff Haworth, Chairman and founder of TeleWare plc. “For the first time, it will allow private organisations the ability to define and control mobile communication to better take control of costs and the type of services they wish to offer to their users,” added Haworth.

The power of the solution will also provide mobile phone users with all the extended features of a corporate PBX, such as call recording, advanced conference calling and tighter integration with IVR and speech recognition technologies.

Haworth adds, “Over the last 14 years, TeleWare has developed many innovative telephony solutions based on fixed line systems, such as the first true softswitch and intelligent numbering system. The new spectrum awards will allow us to extend and develop new technologies that will offer real benefits to our customers and increase competition, which is beneficial to the wider telephony market. PMX makes a reality of fixed mobile convergence and brings access to a new level of interoperability.”

“The award of this spectrum creates important opportunities for innovative suppliers to provide campus mobility solutions based on tried and tested mobile technology. The world and his dog have been struggling to provide campus mobility based on voice over WiFi and fixed mobile convergence solutions, but a more straightforward solution might have been right under our noses all along,” comments Jeremy Green, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Mobility, Ovum.

TeleWare announced last January the successful alpha trial of their intelligent Mobile Network (iMN) product and this latest spectrum allocation will allow them to extend this product offering to enterprise customers. Beta trials with key TeleWare accounts are due to begin immediately.

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