Telmap introduces the world’s first personalised location companion

Telmap, the world leader in mobile location services, today unveiled Telmap5, an innovative solution for location based services. Telmap5 addresses number of key challenges facing the industry today, in as much as personalising the user experience, and providing a service that moves beyond the experience of in-car and pedestrian navigation. Telmap5 becomes the world’s first truly personalised location companion.

As a result of Telmap’s extensive experience and the one billion plus navigation sessions Telmap has analysed in partnership with many of their leading global customers, Telmap has designed Telmap5 – the culmination of much dedication and effort to improve and personalise the user experience in mobile based location services. This will benefit operators through differentiation of their service, the addition of further revenue channels and increased customer loyalty.

Telmap5, the world’s first personalised location companion, will deliver the most advanced location service through: Delivering rich user experience with Telmap Active Interface: Telmap5 delivers rich user experience, through a revolutionary and intuitive map-centric UI with optimal flows and minimal clicks. This is based on the new Telmap Active Interface – a multi-platform GUI engine that provides the ultimate location experience across all mobile platforms, allowing also low-end devices to still provide rich user experience.

Also, personalising the mobile location experience with Telmap Active Widgets: an interactive and personalised location widgets library for mapping, in-car navigation and pedestrian guidance. Location widgets are context specific add-ons that allow consumers to customize and choose the way they interact with their surroundings, favourite content, and even their friends. Widgets can present endless types of information, such as route progress and destination information, but it can also be based on specific content such as the nearest ATM, local weather, or even a branded search widget for the nearest McDonalds for example. From an operator’s perspective, Telmap Active Widgets provides an opportunity to differentiate their service and allow brands to reach users based on their immediate location.

Intuitive mobile search with Telmap Active Search: allowing users to quickly and intuitively locate destinations with instant results based on just a part of an address, a business name, a point of interest, a contact from their phone’s address book, a recommended restaurant from the local city guide, or the current location of a friend. With Active Search, Telmap5 offers an advanced search mechanic that presents suggestions from multiple data sources and categorised to provide further relevance for the user. Active Search is server based and can be expanded and modified through server side scripts, allowing the addition of endless sources of content without the need to update the client application.

Synchronised web and device technology: Users can access the Telmap5web companion to plan their journey, share and save their locations under ‘My Places’, and send locations to Telmap5 users and friends via SMS. The Telmap5 web companion syncs that information with your mobile phone.

Oren Nissim CEO of Telmap aid: “Telmap5 redefines users’ mobile location experience by turning a navigation system into a true location companion. Telmap5 turns your mobile phone into your personal tour guide, shopping escort, restaurant reviewer, friend finder and navigator. Telmap5 is the result of much time and effort we have dedicated to tackling today’s challenges in mobile location, which harnesses the capabilities of our own patented location technologies. We are proud of what our team has achieved in Telmap5, but ultimately excited in how this product will stand to shape the next generation in mobile location services.”

Designed using the Telmap location platform, Telmap5 remains open to third party application developers through a set of APIs, which will prove to enhance the value of mobile internet applications and services for both consumers and operators.

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