Telstra Europe Launches New Service Tools

Telstra Europe is launching a new range of reporting and monitoring network service tools that will provide its customers with greater network control and ease network management challenges. The tools provide real time detailed information about the status of customers’ data networks, which will help them to make more informed business decisions about their networking needs. The service is available in three different versions, Standard, Enhanced and Premium, providing different levels of network analysis to suit the varying needs of customers.

Accessible 24×7 via a secure web portal, the service tools application will provide customers with complete visibility of their entire network through interactive maps and analysis graphs depicting data services, which can be viewed daily, weekly and monthly. IT managers will be able to monitor traffic levels and service performance, immediately diagnose and resolve network faults and performance issues and pinpoint bottlenecks and bandwidth hogging applications. The tools will enable them to provide consistently high performance services of all their data networks to users and guarantee business continuity and zero downtime.

David Thorn, CEO of Telstra Europe comments, “The impact of data networks downtime in terms of financial and productivity losses is widely acknowledged amongst business users. IT managers are under enormous pressure to ensure 100% network uptime and resolve any performance issues seamlessly, without any end user disruption.”

“The majority of companies have no visibility of their data networks which inhibits their ability to diagnose network performance issues, view network utilisation rates or resolve bandwidth and server performance issues. To meet the needs of our different customers, we are offering three different levels of network monitoring and analysis, all of which provide greater control over a network’s performance and give them the ability to provide improved network service levels to end users.

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