Telstra Launch New Voice and Web-based Conferencing Tools

Telstra Europe has launched a new range of voice and web-based conferencing tools which they say will enable business users to reduce communication and travel costs and increase collaboration by replacing face to face meetings with virtual interaction.

The service is being sold exclusively through the company’s channel network of over 60 service providers and 50 partners, who, with support from Telstra Europe, will be able to maximise the potential revenue streams in this growing sector. The service is currently being trialled by several service providers in the UK.

The market for web-based conferencing tools has recently gained momentum, ignited by the convergence of audio, data, and video conferencing into one IP solution. Analyst group Gartner claims that business demand for real-time collaboration solutions has been driven by process and productivity improvements, as well as cost reduction.

David Thorn, CEO at Telstra Europe comments, “Although voice and web-based conferencing solutions have been available for a number of years they have been under utilised by UK businesses because of their complexity.”

“Judging by the positive feedback we’ve had from service providers undertaking, our conferencing services are easy to use. We are confident the adoption rate will rise further as more businesses realise the time savings and cost benefits that can be achieved,” he added.

Available 24 hours a day, Telstra Europe’s voice and web-based conferencing tools enable businesses to communicate effectively, wherever they are based.

The voice conferencing service connects two or more locations to one call whilst the web-based conferencing tools enable users to present documents and visual material in real time over the internet while they talk on the phone. Users will also be able to record, playback and arrange transcriptions of their conferences.

Thorn adds, “Voice and web-based conferencing tools provide users with the flexibility to conduct training sessions, hold board meetings remotely or notify clients of new products, quickly and inexpensively. In an increasingly global economy, businesses need to collaborate more effectively, without incurring additional costs. The service also provides our partners with an excellent opportunity to increase their margins.”

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