Ten Top Management Issues that Companies get Wrong

Trials of the new online management development service Make Me A Better Manager, together with ETS’s employee opinion database of over 160,000 respondents from top companies, have produced a Top Ten list of the worst management mistakes that companies can make when it comes to rewarding and motivating their managers.

Here are the worst.

1. Being perceived as not treating everyone in the company fairly. Amazingly, only 54% of more than 50,000 respondents think their company treats them fairly.

2. Failing to communicate everything junior managers need to know. More than a quarter of managers (28%) say that they do not have everything they need to know in order to achieve their goals.

3. Failing to involve managers and employees when the company undertakes change Barely half of respondents thought their companies involved them enough (51%).

4. Failing to provide clear routes for promotion. Less than half of those surveyed (47%) were happy with their promotion prospects.

5. Not telling employees what the company wants to achieve over the next year. Nearly a third of those questioned (30%) did not know what the corporate objective was.

6. Stifling new ways of working. Again, almost a third of respondents (31%) cited a failure to allow them to try new ways of working.

7. Letting the promotion system be perceived as fair. More than a third of managers (37%) did not agree that their promotion system was fair.

8. Failure to motivate managers to do the best job they can. More than a third of managers (35%) did not feel motivated in this way by their company.

9. Not providing satisfactory training and development. Some 34%, one third, of managers were dissatisfied with training and development.

10. Failure to provide opportunities for career development. More than a third (36%) were unhappy with career development opportunities.

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