Termination Time is Halved with New Brand-Rex Tool

Structured cabling solution manufacturer, Brand-Rex, has today announced the launch of its new line of innovatively designed 10G compliant, tool-free RJ-45 snap-in-jacks for quick and efficient product termination. The vendor says that with superior quality and modern styling the snap-in-jacks enable termination time to be halved compared to other jacks.

The design uses a curved lever helping to stagger the termination force on each insulation displacement connector (IDC) in turn. Unlike other jacks that claim easy termination, the Brand-Rex snap-in-jack can genuinely be terminated using only comfortable finger-force.

An optimised lacing system is used where the pairs are opened on pointed pillars to exactly the minimum amount required. There is no need to pre-open a loop to lace a pair, reducing possible ‘noise’. Tests prove this rapid installation method is 100% faster than normal jacks allowing for reduced installation costs and labour.

The snap-in-jacks do not need to be terminated on a flat surface, they are easy to terminate when held in the hands and there is no need to trim wires after termination. Performance is not affected by length of the wire tails. The translucent lever allows for easy inspection after termination.

The narrow width (18.3mm) profile RJ-45 tool-free snap-in-jack range includes Cat 6A, Cat 6 and Cat5e variants packaged in boxes of 12. Re-termination is easy should your cabling system need to be re-arranged. The jacks can be installed to fit 24 into a 1U panel, or 2 in a euro-style outlet.

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