Tesco Launches Low Cost Calling App

Tesco has today announced the launch of an innovative new smartphone app that will help customers tackle the cost of calling internationally from both home and abroad.

Available in time for the World Cup and holiday season, the app is free and available now on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Holiday-makers or those heading to Brazil for the World Cup will be able to save on mobile roaming charges and expensive hotel phone rates by connecting to hotel Wi-Fi and using the app to make calls back to the UK for just 2p per minute, the same rate as they would be charged if they were making the same call at home.

•For someone in Brazil, a 30-minute phone call back to the UK using the Tesco Calling Card would cost 60p. A leading hotel in Brazil charges approximately £60.20 for the same call

•For someone holidaying in Spain, half an hour on the phone to someone in the UK using Tesco Calling Card would cost 30p. The same call using a hotel phone in the Costa Del Sol would cost £14.50

The app can also be used to call overseas from the UK from just 1p per minute, helping to reduce the cost for families and loved-ones to stay in touch.

A Tesco spokesperson says, “The new app offers an even more convenient and cost effective way to keep in touch with loved ones over the summer, whether that be from the sun lounger to back home, or from the sofa in the UK to family living overseas.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine