Tesco Make Further Bid for VoIP Market

Tesco Telecoms has announced it is launching landline-style call plans for its internet phone service they say will revolutionise the market and give customers the best value in the UK for calling plans.

The new Tesco internet phone monthly price plans include unlimited anytime UK calls for just £5 a month and unlimited anytime international calls for just £8.50 a month.

Customers will be able to use and pay for an internet phone in the same way they would a traditional landline service making internet phone calls a normality for British households.

The market-leading call plans will challenge traditional providers by providing services such as unlimited international calls for just £8.50 a month.

In comparison, say Tesco, that same £8.50 would be used up by a 13 minute call to Thailand with BT Together .

The company adds their service is ideal for those who have friends and relatives abroad, business travellers and the youth market and is expected to massively drive uptake of VoIP technology in the UK.

Andy Dewhurst, chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms, says: “Since launching Tesco internet phone, we have already helped to drastically cut the cost of making UK and international calls and made internet calls the norm for many Brits.

These new prices are a simple way for anyone with internet access to make really great value or free calls at any time.

“Consumers no longer need to worry about expensive call costs abroad or when they are calling home from international destinations. We really believe this will take the stress and guilt out of round-the-world calls.”

The internet phone is also changing the perception of calls to international mobiles which many consumers see as extortionate and to be avoided at all costs. With the new tariffs it will be just 2p a minute to call selected international mobile numbers.

As part of its focus on internet phone, Tesco has also announced the launch of a range of exclusive new internet phone handsets including the revolutionary ‘stick phone’ – a portable memory stick with a built-in Tesco internet phone that can be used anywhere in the world where there is broadband access, for unbeatable call costs and a portable UK phone number.

From September, Tesco stores will now stock a range of seven internet phones reflecting the demand for the new communications technology.

Additional money-saving ‘add-ons’ options are available for customers who make frequent mobile and international calls. For an extra £1.50 a month, customers can save 25% on calls to mobile phones and customers who make regular calls to particular overseas destinations will be able to pick from a range of international ‘add-ons.’

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