Text message billing costs end users a sports car

On average, Brits will send at least 282,000 text messages in a lifetime and spend nearly eight whole months talking on their phone, according to new research from UK mobile phone comparison website, rightmobilephone.co.uk. The number of texts sent cost the equivalent of a top sports car for pay as you go users.

A nationwide study of 2,038 people in the UK by rightmobilephone has revealed statistics detailing the amount of time people spend using their mobile on average in a whole lifetime. It was revealed that the average number of texts sent in a month was 500, while minutes used totalled 600 in a regular month.

Whilst some children are as young as eight years old when they receive their first mobile phone, the study by rightmobilephone found that most believed 13 to be the age at which young people started using their handset properly and regularly, whilst the age at which usage considerably slowed was thought to be 60.

This means that in the 47 years over which the average person actively uses their mobile phone, almost two thirds of a year, 235 days, are spent talking on the phone and 282,000 text messages are sent.

Altogether, 68% of respondents felt they spent more time texting and calling their friends than actually spending time with them and 41% of them felt the same when it came to their partner or love interest. For over half, 54%, their mobile phone was the main means of communication, whilst just under a third, 31%, were more used to staying in touch via Facebook. Only 4% said their main way of communication was face to face.

For the 52% of mobile phone owners on pay as you go in the UK, they will spend an average of 0.10p on every text they send, totalling £28,200 over the years in which they actively use their handset; the same amount of money that could pay for a Lotus Elise, 76,216 Mars bars or 61 iPhones.

Neil McHugh, co-founder of rightmobilephone, commented on the findings: “Our latest study really highlights how much time and money we spend communicating; I’m sure it will surprise people and I’m sure most would rather be spending 8 months of their lifetime doing something a little more exciting.”

He continued: “I think it can be easy to spend more time on your mobile phone than you need to, especially if you are on contract and have a good deal on texts and minutes, but even so, perhaps 8 months of your lifetime and £28,200 is a little extreme when you consider what that could buy you, a sports car, or a round the world trip, it’s amazing many of us will be spending that on text messaging instead.”

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