The BusinessWatch Group’s Environmental Pledge

City company The BusinessWatch Group has pledged to become carbon neutral within six months. The forward-thinking company has taken the stand in a bid to prove its commitment to best practice in every aspect of its operation.

Specialist Mark Miller has been drafted in as a non-executive director to oversee a ‘green audit’ and advise on the group’s corporate social responsibility.

Once the results are collated, Mark, owner and director of Future Perfect, a world leading provider of green house gas related sustainability management, will earmark ways the company can reduce waste, improve recycling and offset carbon emissions.

The aim is for the company, which has its head office in Orton Southgate, Peterborough, and works throughout the region, to be carbon neutral by the end of this year.

Many large companies are jumping on the eco bandwagon and pledging to wipe out their carbon footprint. But it is a move almost unprecedented in companies the size of The BusinessWatch Group.

“We are committed to reaching – and where possible exceeding – the gold standard in every aspect of our business from HR policy to carbon offsetting,” said Group Financial Director Richard Olsen. “After the recent Live Earth concert the environment is prominent in people’s minds.

“We already encourage our staff to reuse and recycle where possible but we are aware there are other things we can do to reduce our carbon footprint. Future Perfect is looking at every aspect of the business and will be showing us how we can become more environmentally friendly.”

With a fleet of vehicles used by engineers, mobile guards and response staff, the company will be buying carbon credits to offset its emissions.

“The BusinessWatch Group is setting a benchmark for other small companies to aim for,” said Mark Miller. “It is very unusual for a small company to make the pledge to become carbon neutral but certainly something that should be encouraged across every industry.”

The BusinessWatch Group is based in Orton Southgate and specialises in telecommunications, domestic and commercial intruder and fire alarm systems, and guarding.

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