The Economist Chooses Nortel

The Economist Group (TEG) is using a complete Nortel IP communications solution at its second London office in Red Lion Square to allow its editors, analysts and business staff to communicate more effectively.

Nortel say their IP-based voice and data network for TEG delivers a simplified personal communications management system to its staff. This allows users to access telephony, fax, e-mail, voicemail and wireless through personal computers and IP telephony handsets anywhere in the TEG office.

“An organisation like the Economist Group works to very tight deadlines. Our network needs to be up and running constantly” said Colin Davies, IT director, The Economist Group. “Having such a highly resilient voice and data platform means I no longer need to focus my IT resources on fire-fighting network issues – but can concentrate instead on delivering the strategic IT projects that will help grow the Group’s bottom line.”

“One of our key objectives is to provide solutions and services which will simplify our customers’ business,” said Peter Kelly, president Enterprise business, Nortel Europe Middle East and Africa. “The Economist Group deployment is a great example of Nortel putting this objective to the test and succeeding.”

The converged solution, which is capable of supporting Quality of Service (QoS) from the edge to the core of the network, was completed in conjunction with Allnet, a Nortel channel partner and is based on Nortel end-to-end enterprise portfolio.

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