The Evolution of Easy Smart Phones

According to Doro 80% of people aged over 65 years now have access to a mobile phone and half of them are actively considering going ‘smart’ at their next upgrade. Less than one in five seniors has a smart phone – so the market opportunity for progression from feature phone to smart device is clear.

Doro PhoneEasy 810 will be Doro’s first ‘touch only’ model and will come in an ergonomic form, with easy grip and soft touch coating. The device will be powered by Doro’s own smart interface – Doro Experience – which uses the company’s IP to make applications and software easier to use.

Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro UK commented on the launch: “The senior mobile market is rapidly changing and we understand this. In response to these changes we’ll be launching our second smart phone later this year. To keep abreast of the dynamic senior segment new designs and form factors are required. The reason our devices succeed is that we give absolute granular attention to every possible detail in the design process. Most importantly our new smart phone will not be another ‘me too’ touch screen device. Our handset will be a liberating device and a technology challenger in true Doro style. We will offer a significant point of difference.”

The research was conducted by IPSOS for Doro and investigated purchasing habits within the senior audience segment1. Findings show that on average a senior retains their mobile for a little over three years (38 months). This is far longer than most other mobile users who on average keep a mobile for between 18-24 months. As such, seniors expect a lot from their mobiles and demand more quality.

Chris Millington concluded: “Our current position as market leader within the easy mobile category, combined with our previous experience of delivering best-of-breed, award-winning smart devices and our deep consumer insights, puts us ahead. We are the premier handset partner of choice for those who wish to ride the wave and win.”

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