The Last LAN Standing

According to THUS, the retreat of Bulldog last week leaves Demon as the last ISP dedicated to providing for SMEs. Dan Cole, head of product portfolio at Demon, comments on the developments.

“Bulldog has announced that it will no longer be proactively seeking business and home customers and will instead focus on providing wholesale broadband. Bulldog’s parent, C&W, recently announced that it will abandon many of its smaller business accounts and many enterprises hooked up to Bulldog may be wondering, therefore, what sort of service they are going to receive from them in the future. It seems clear that a wholesale-focused provider will have difficulty maintaining a high level of service to its remaining business customers.

Demon has been providing dedicated business broadband for seven years and from today is the last remaining ISP totally dedicated to the SME sector. Demon has not changed its business model once within that time and has remained totally committed to providing the highest quality broadband service to its customers. Any SME uncertain about its provider should look to Demon as a specialist dedicated to the SME market that can provide premium SDSL and low contended broadband.”

THUS add that Demon has a trained sales staff happy to talk to any business about the implications of changing supplier. Demon is signed up to the MAC Code system designed to make migrating between providers as easy as possible.

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