The mobile phone is voted Britain’s number one gadget

The mobile phone is the single most important gadget in our lives, ahead of laptops and iPods, according to a study by mobile phone retailer, Purple Gossip.

The survey found that 62% of Brits consider their mobile phone to be the most important gadget in their lives, while an astonishing 60% cannot imagine what life would be like without their portable friend.

As many as 68% of respondents claimed that they felt at a loss when leaving their phone at home, compared to just 16% who said they can quite easily get by without one.

The survey also found that handset usage has doubled in the last seven years and that almost 40% of Brits are using their mobiles for up to three hours a day, with many citing new touchscreen, internet and email capabilities as the main contributing factor for this rise.

Texting is the most popular and common use for mobile phones, followed by phone calls and social networking applications like Facebook and Twitter, which are now frequently used by around 38% of handset owners.

Interestingly, mobile phone habits differ quite dramatically between the sexes. The poll showed that 48% of men are now using their mobiles to access personal and work emails, compared to just 20% of women.

Bulit-in MP3 players, games and other applications are also proving to be more popular amongst men, with 54% versus just 15% of women.

A spokesperson from Purple Gossip stated: “These unanimous results show just how dependent we have become on our mobile phones, so much so, that it is difficult to picture a world without them. Whilst we may still predominantly use our phones for texting and calling; improved availability and pricing, touch screen technology, applications and better connectivity have all allowed us to spend longer than ever on our phones.”

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