The Thirteenth Man

According to FIFA World Cup sponsor and provider of the event communications Avaya, if the throngs of screaming fans were the 12th man at the 2006 FIFA World Cup the 13th man was their converged communications network.

The company says “The World Cup was 31 days of football heroics and global celebration at its best. And thanks to the 13th Man, the players, coaches, fans, press and World Cup employees stayed connected for every second of the action.”

2006 Avaya Converged Communications Network World Cup Highlights:

• A fully integrated, fully reliable communications infrastructure for the 2006 FIFA World Cup-implemented in one month.

• Over 21 terabytes of voice and data information processed.

• Network equipped with leading-edge technology to be used by fans, teams, referees, journalists, World Cup employees and volunteers.

• 99.999% network reliability, connecting 12 stadiums, plus a multitude of hotels and press centres.

• Complete network security, with more than 200,000 security clearances processed during the tournament.
• A communications infrastructure utilising a WLAN network deployed in 70 locations.

• Consistent logistic management, team accreditations, IP images and video throughout the Internet.

Post event many pundits are now beginning to ask the question as to how, whoever provides the comms in 2010, South Africa is going to manage the task to a similar level of performance.

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