Think Conferencing says Nimans’ New Man

Nimans’ new Conferencing Business Manager is urging resellers not to miss out on lucrative revenue streams. Chris Smith says there is great untapped business in audio conferencing which many resellers are failing to exploit.

Smith has been working in the telecoms industry for more than 10 years, and as a former professional footballer he is used to hitting the target. Chris arrived at Nimans from Nessco where he worked for two years and set-up the NEC/Philips channel. Prior to that he was a Distribution Manager involved in BT’s Local Business operation. He also benefits from corporate sales experience with Azzurri.

Smith, once played professional football for Dunfermline Athletic and says many resellers are taking a blinkered approach to running their businesses.

“Conferencing is becoming a much stronger part of today’s modern business world. The priority and profile is much greater now in terms of cutting out business travel which saves time and money as well as generates environmental benefits, so there are many more opportunities for resellers to explore and capitalise on.

“They should be including conferencing in general proposals, as it is a viable and important communication tool which pays for itself very quickly. There are a lot of missed opportunities for resellers who simply are not asking any questions about conferencing, often in a customer’s board room which would be the ideal place to install a desktop unit.

“Conference units are based on reliability, ease of use and excellent margins. If a reseller does not ask about conferencing, they leave the door open for a rival further down the line.”

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