Rightmobilephone, the UK mobile phone price comparison website, has conducted research into the link between unfaithfulness and mobile phones. The anonymous study found that over half had found “evidence” on their partner’s mobile phone in the form of a text or picture to suggest infidelity and, for 62% of those, it lead to the breakup of their relationship.

New research by rightmobilephone, has revealed how the content on some users’ handsets can often find them in a sticky situation with their partner. When asked “Have you ever been through a partner’s mobile phone?” 68% of people said yes.

Altogether 36% claimed to have cheated on a partner at some stage in their history of relationships and almost all, 92%, of those said their mobile phone played a huge part in their affair. 7% even bought a second mobile phone to keep their bad behaviour under wraps.

Over half of the people who admitted going through their partner’s mobile had found incriminating text messages and 28% came across a sordid picture during their investigation. For nearly two thirds of these people, the discovery marked the end of their relationship.

A mischievous one in five had saved a number in their phone under a different name to disguise who they were talking to and 88% said they had, at least once, lied to their current or previous partner about who was texting them.

Rightmobilephone also wanted to find out where people’s insecurities laid and found the top five things that people would be suspicious about on their partner’s phone: Texts from the opposite sex with kisses on; Passwords on their inbox; Passwords on their image folder; Deleted sent items; Unrecognised names in phonebook.

Neil McHugh, co-founder of, commented on these findings: “A mobile phone can hold a lot of secrets about a person, but for the near 70% of people whose partners have looked through their handset, not everything can stay private. It appears lots of people have trust issues these days and we were surprised by just how many snoop for evidence of cheating on their partner’s mobile.

He continued: “Even though it’s a fairly small amount, we were surprised to find that 7% of the people that had admitted cheating at some point had actually bought a second mobile phone to carry out their affair. Who would have thought the mobile phone could be such a heartbreaker?”

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