Thomson Launches Mobile IP Centrex

Thomson has announced the launch of Fixed-Mobile Convergence capabilities for its Cirpack VoIP softswitch and IP Centrex platforms meaning telecom service providers can now promote telephony including fixed and mobile services, to create new opportunities for increased revenues from enterprise sales.

Mobile operators using Thomson’s Cirpack IP Centrex platform can start marketing global telephony solutions, offering all the features of hosted PBX solutions, without forcing users to change their mobile handsets. The result is a single service with one phone number and one voicemail box shared by the customer’s cellular and broadband IP phones. Subscribers can now enjoy a rich set of features across both devices, including simultaneous ring, call filtering, extension dialling, multi-party conferencing, hunt groups, etc. Cirpack’s Mobile IP Centrex application is currently deployed in trials with several GSM operators in Europe.

“By integrating existing mobile terminals with the IP Centrex services, Cirpack’s fixed-mobile convergence solutions provide a strategic advantage to companies, improving employee productivity,” explains Jean-Pierre Dumolard, General Manager of Thomson’s NGN Business Unit. “Combined with Cirpack’s support for ISDN and IP PBX, our Mobile IP Centrex solution is a great asset for telecom operators to launch comprehensive services to business users.”

Thomson’s Cirpack platform is a highly modular and scalable public telephony switch, incorporating all the software and hardware components required to connect to and interwork with the legacy telephony systems telecom service providers are operating. It has native support for protocols used in GSM infrastructures, enabling seamless integration with existing HLR, MSC and Intelligent Network platforms to ease the introduction of innovative services that also leverage Cirpack’s VoIP and IP Centrex capabilities.

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