Three Certifications for IP Integration

In less than six months, IP Integration, the reading based specialist Unified Communications and Contact Centre Systems Integrator, has achieved three quality awards from the British Standards Institution; BSi Quality – ISO 9001:2008, BSi Environmental – ISO 14001:2004 and BSi Information Security – ISO 27001:2005.

This success sees IP Integration recognised for its commitment to building a robust, customer focused, profitable organisation that is dedicated to the continuous improvement of its business policies and processes.

Ray Williams, Operations Director at IP Integration, commented on the accomplishment: “There are few companies in the UK that hold three British Standards, especially in the IT/telecoms sector. I am very proud of what the team at IP Integration has done to reach this exceptional standard; these awards strengthen IP Integration’s position as a technology partner that can deliver quality to the needs of its customers.

From the outset, it quickly became apparent that IP Integration had a lot of strong processes in place to deliver a respectable customer service, and that working towards the Quality standard would not be the overhaul that other organisations experience.

A lot of our existing policies and processes were solid enough to withstand the assessment by BSi, and we were able to integrate new systems easily into the business to meet the stringent requirements of ISO 9001. These systems helped us achieve the Security standard smoothly, giving our customers the confidence that we are protecting their information securely to a national standard.”

Of particular note, BSi indicated that IP Integration was conforming to the Environmental standard exceptionally well due to both how the company operates to reduce its own carbon footprint and that of its employees, and also the design and delivery of solutions for customers that include consideration for green improvements, such as home working and video conferencing.

IP Integration says they will continue to build on the platform that the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 provided, and is already looking into working towards other national standards to illustrate its best practice working ethic.

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