Three Times More Downloads with Griffin

Griffin Internet says that the appetite for internet bandwidth is not restricted to home users. As speeds have increased so has usage from business broadband customers, with average downloads doubling over the last three years. Resellers want to be able to satisfy this demand but without having to put up prices or increase their costs. Griffin has now come up with a solution by trebling the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) on some of its new broadband products.

Connectivity speeds of up to 20Mb/s downstream and 1Mb upstream are now widely available and comparable in price with one key difference – The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). End users are making the most of faster broadband speeds but they are consequently more often falling foul of disproportionately low AUPs. When they hit their usage limits they are finding their services restricted, asked to pay more or even in some cases being sent their MAC code to move to another ISP. Most resellers sell more than just broadband and the resulting customer dissatisfaction is putting other more valuable products and services at risk.

“Resellers taking WBC services from Griffin can expect a monthly data usage limit of up to 150GB allowing SMEs to download three times more data than most other providers, which provides resellers with a key USP and helps to reduce churn. Unlimited fibre products are also in the pipeline for really heavy users,” says Lee Broxson, Head of Sales at Griffin.

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