Thus Cheers Thresher Group

THUS has extended its contract with the Thresher Group, one of the UK’s leading independent specialist drinks retailer, to provide communication services to its core retail estate of 1800 branches and Head Office using the THUS Calls & Lines service.

Calls & Lines provides a high quality, reliable, cost effective communication solution tailored to each branch location enabling the Thresher Group’s outlets (Threshers, The Local, Wine Rack and in Scotland, Haddows) to provide a broad range of customer services. These include Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS), Chip & Pin, ATM (Automated Teller Machines), ETU (Electronic Top Ups) and National Lottery.

Telephony services are the backbone of the Thresher Group’s businesses and the communication solution delivered by THUS had to address the business critical nature of the network as well as reliability. The Thresher Group selected THUS due to its experience in the retail sector and its ability to remain competitive while improving the quality of the service it offered across the Group’s diverse estate.

Peter, Baxter, Head of IT Services at the Thresher Group commented: “We require exceptional value and quality of service from our suppliers and THUS consistently meets and exceeds our high expectations. THUS has been proactive in managing our account and understanding what we need to support the diverse range of retail outlets in our estate delivering a solution which serves the Group, our staff and our customers well.”

Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer at THUS plc said, “The Thresher Group needed a competitively priced, robust and reliable network and THUS’s experience of the retail sector and consultative approach ensures that we consistently deliver. As the Thresher group grows, our next-generation network delivers the reliability they need now, with the potential to move towards a fully converged network solution in the future”.

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