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Faster connectivity and easier sharing of corporate data is what the Robert Owen Society, one of the largest education and training co-operatives in the UK, will benefit from following its decision to take THUS’s City Ethernet solution. THUS will deliver Dedicated Internet Access over a 100Mbps Point to Point connection, carried over its next-generation network (NGN) linking the organisation’s two corporate sites.

Named after the 18th century social reformer and industrialist Robert Owen, who believed in the drive towards progress and prosperity through new technology, the Society advises on and delivers a range of teacher training initiatives as well as hosting a virtual learning environment. The communication network solution from THUS will run voice, data, and Internet access for sharing corporate information, but additionally will provide high capacity dedicated Internet access to enable learners to log into the network to receive training remotely.

The Society chose THUS not only because of the speed, capacity, reliability and quality of its network but also for the applications and the package of support offered. Key to the decision though was the competitive pricing on offer through the bespoke City Ethernet package. THUS will join both sites together into one single network using City Ethernet and the open fibre connections will provide a foundation to improve performance and open up new opportunities such as VoIP and video conferencing over this cost effective and reliable connectivity option.

Chris Morgan, Chief Executive at the Robert Owen Society said: “Robert Owen believed that effectively utilising technology was the key to progress and prosperity so it was a natural choice for us to select THUS’s network solution. It offers 21st century communication technology that will enable us to improve the quality and effectiveness of what we do as an organisation and provide a more positive learning experience for users of our virtual learning network.”

Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer at THUS plc said: “Increasingly, charities are looking at all aspects of their operations and are asking how they can be more effective within the confines of their resources. A reliable, flexible and cost-effective network enables them to focus on their core activity and deliver more efficiently on the organisation’s charitable aims.”

The Robert Owen Society’s membership is comprised of schools, colleges, universities, training providers and community groups. It is a registered Industrial and Provident Society subscribing to a range of co-operative principles including democracy, co-operation, education, participation and a concern for the wider community. It delivers services across England and Wales including a whole range of education and training projects including initial teacher training. Plans are currently underway for the Robert Owen Society to become the Robert Owen Foundation with full charitable status.

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