THUS Enhances Demon SMB Packages

THUS has upgraded its Homepages web space for SoHos and SMBs, providing a level of service normally associated with specialist Web hosting companies. Provided free of charge to many Demon internet access customers, including those using Standard Dial-Up and HomeOffice broadband, Demon Homepages provide customers with web space to develop their own online presence. The enhanced service will benefit Demon Homepages users by providing scalability, greater levels of security and advanced streaming capabilities.

In addition to the existing Real Video and Real Audio streaming feature, the new Homepages offering is enabled with MP3 and QuickTime streaming capabilities allowing customers to reach a wider range of visitor’s desktops than before. This allows users of Demon broadband to stream content on their websites, improving the visitor experience by providing rich content while minimising start-up delays.

Matt Cantwell, Head of Product Portfolio at THUS plc, explained: “The ability to stream effectively on a website cannot be overstated. The alternative – full file download – can be slow and visitors to a site will often navigate away out of sheer impatience. Streaming makes a site instantly appeal and adds to its ‘stickiness’, important for businesses serious about driving sales online. The streaming capability opens up a number of niche applications for our customers to try in their market. For example, musicians can now promote their music online or make demo tracks available when vying for recording contracts.

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