THUS in £70m Highland Deal

THUS has announced that it has been selected by The Highland Council as preferred bidder for a 7 year, £70 million project which will provide high capacity broadband links to schools, libraries and other council buildings throughout the Highlands and Islands.

The Highlands and Islands Pathfinder Broadband Procurement Project aims to deliver a very high bandwidth infrastructure to more than 800 sites across the area, with a focus on schools. It is estimated that 60% of all sites will be connected next year with the roll out completed within two years.

Over the past four months, a procurement team has undertaken a detailed technical, financial and legal evaluation of bids. The team recommended that the bid from THUS represented the optimum solution, using a mix of fibre, wireless and copper-based connections, which fully met the aspirations of the team and exceeded the minimum requirements set in the Invitation to Negotiate.

Arthur McCourt, Chief Executive of The Highland Council, said: “Ensuring that local public services have access to the latest broadband technology is a vital step in modernising local government. It will provide a tremendous boost to modern learning and teaching practice and to the provision of services to the public.”

Bill Allan, Chief Executive Office, THUS plc said: “We are delighted to have been selected as preferred bidder for this vitally important contract. As a well established supplier to both National and Local Government, THUS looks forward to adding the Highlands and Islands Pathfinder Broadband Procurement Project to its extensive public sector portfolio. This announcement underpins our focus to be the pre-eminent alternative telecommunications provider in the UK.”

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