THUS launches BlackBerry offering for SMEs and Corporates

Carrier THUS has launched its mobile services offering for both large enterprises SMEs business clients with the introduction of the new BlackBerry 7130v from Research In Motion (RIM).

BlackBerry will be available as a stand-alone offering or alongside the Demon Remote Worker Solution, a package of communications services that enable remote working for SMEs.

The Demon Remote Working Solution provides cost-effective remote access to business-class and fully-supported telephony, voice conferencing and broadband capabilities. The addition of a mobile service to complement the Demon Remote Working Solution ensures that customers can stay in touch and access data in the most convenient way, while away from the desk. It allows customers to effectively use time that would otherwise be lost (for example time spent waiting for meetings or travelling) to enhance workflow and productivity.

“Our customers are changing the way they work. As people spend increasing amounts of time away from the office they need easy and effective ways to stay in touch. More than that, they require access to up-to-date information and the same applications that they rely on in the office, while on the move. By launching mobile services for Demon customers we are providing a true “one stop shop” for our customers communications needs,” said Nigel Stevens, Product Director at THUS plc. “Our first offering, the BlackBerry 7130v, is a powerful device that is quick and easy to use, providing full wireless connectivity. Importantly, it enables mobile access to a wide range of applications, allowing users to benefit from productivity and management tools on the move.”

The BlackBerry 7130v offers fast, user-friendly web browsing and mobile application support via its powerful processor and a bright, high-resolution colour screen. The quad-band device is slim and light, featuring easy-to-use SureType keyboard technology, which combines phone and QWERTY keyboard layouts for quick and accurate dialling and typing. Its comprehensive phone features provide intuitive call management capabilities such as smart dialling, conference calling, speed dial and call forwarding. The device includes Bluetooth support and built-in speakerphone for hands-free operation.

For individuals and smaller businesses, BlackBerry Internet Service enables users to manage up to ten corporate and personal email accounts (including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and most popular ISP email accounts) from a single device. SMEs can download and run a variety of applications, including productivity and management tools, for BlackBerry.

THUS will expand its mobile services to enterprise clients when it launches the BlackBerry 7130v with BlackBerry Enterprise Server. For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino and Novell GroupWise and works with existing enterprise systems to enable secure, push-based wireless access to email and other corporate data. Enterprise users can also use corporate applications on the move, which are pushed to a device via THUS’ next-generation network.

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