Thus Packs A Punch For MGt’s Media Clients

Thus has signed a contract with MGt plc, the leading customer management and technology solutions provider to the digital broadcast, new media and communications markets, to supply voice-service lines and Call Control services, as well as two high-speed internet connections. The contract, worth in excess of £2 million, hinged upon THUS’ ability to deliver additional line capacity at short notice as MGt needs on-demand scalability to service subscription-based events such as sports matches.

MGt is an existing Thus client and the new contract brings the number of lines supplied by Thus to more than 1000. MGt selected Thus for this element of its service as it needed a provider who could ensure voice-service capacity and rapid response times to handle sporting events with very high call levels over a short space of time. Reliability was fundamental, as any downtime has an immediate and significant impact on revenue for subscription based events. In addition, the new twin resilient high speed internet connections allow MGt to operate a back office interface that checks current subscriptions or validates payment details providing an efficient and transparent service to the caller.

Thus is also supplying its Call Centre Self-Care (CCSC) service that will allow MGt to control the routing of its numbers via an online portal that can be securely accessed from any location. CCSC allows MGt to secure control over key revenue streams by responding in real-time to urgent capacity requirements as well as the capacity to create a forward-looking call plan for routing of in-bound calls.

Craig Baxendale, Managing Director of MGt Technology Solutions division said: “MGt’s client base often secure rights to high-profile programming, such as sports matches at short notice. We need the scalability to accommodate dramatic spikes in demand leading up to the event. Thus could provide a flexible and reliable service that would accommodate these features. The renewed and upgraded three year contract recognises our mutual high standards of service and reliability, as well as THUS’ ability to deliver quickly”.

Phil Male, Chief Operating Officer, Thus commented: “MGt needs to deliver for demanding clients in short time scales, and it needs a telecoms infrastructure in place that is flexible and reliable to facilitate this. Our new contract with MGt will not only support its business growth plans, but will also help it continue to build upon its excellent reputation with high-profile media clients. MGt’s decision to extend and renew its relationship with Thus validates our approach of delivering against high service standards and providing an infrastructure that presents our customers with the reliability it requires.”

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