THUS Reach Ethernet Milestone

THUS plc today demonstrated increased demand for its Ethernet service by announcing that it has now provided 5,000 circuits to customers across the UK, a 150 per cent increase since 2004. THUS was one of the first operators in the UK to offer Ethernet data products over its next-generation network (NGN), and has seen a steady growth in market penetration since the launch in 2002.

THUS’ National and City Ethernet products are carried over its NGN, one of the first in the UK, and provide connections for blue chip, private and public sector customers via 190 points of presence (POPs) and 15 Metropolitan Area Networks. Customers benefit greatly from Ethernet solutions not only because they can achieve higher bandwidths at a lower cost per megabit, (making the technology ideal for supporting bandwidth hungry applications) but also because THUS’ Ethernet data products are fully scalable, supporting simple point-to-point connections through to networks with hundreds of sites.

Nigel Stevens, Product Director at THUS plc commented: “Ethernet has long been the preserve of the Local Area Network, but this is fast changing. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the benefits Ethernet can offer Wide Area Networks in terms of fully scalable and seamless networking – supporting the business case for IT centralisation and for networking demanding ICT applications and services. Consequently we are seeing an increasing demand for these types of services. THUS was ahead of the curve with its original City and National Ethernet offering, and we have gone on to strengthen our product portfolio with National Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet offerings”.

Stevens continued: “Ethernet is increasingly being used to connect sites to other new wave products and services such as MPLS IPVPN, high speed internet and VOIP services. THUS provides Ethernet over a variety of access technologies at bandwidths starting as low as 2Mbps, scaling to 10Gbps, making it ideal for connecting small sites through to major data centres. It is this flexibility is increasingly making Ethernet the access medium of choice for organisations of all sizes”.

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