Tier 1 European Mobile Network Operator Deploys Actix Network Acceptance Solution

Actix, a leader in Mobile Network Analytics and Optimization, announced that a tier-1 European operator is deploying the Actix Network Acceptance solution. The solution supports a 3-year project to modernize the operator’s mobile broadband offering through a combined RAN Swap and LTE rollout impacting over 65,000 sites.

The Actix Network Acceptance solution was chosen by the operator to enable them to carry out an in-depth acceptance process across the whole network, helping them achieve an on-time and (more importantly) an on-quality network rollout. The Actix solution allows the operator to analyze various data sources to automatically track contractual acceptance KPIs, generate acceptance reports, measure live network impact and to provide a country-wide view of the rollout process.

The Actix Network Acceptance solution helps operators manage the substantial risks involved in “live-network” RAN Swaps and traditional new network rollouts. “Operators rely almost entirely on network equipment providers for the success of network rollouts – if rollouts are delayed or network quality isn’t up to scratch, the impact to operators can be substantial, both financially and in terms of reputation,” said Bill McHale, Actix CEO. “With operators looking to consolidate their networks, RAN Swaps are becoming commonplace. These carry greater risk to operators, since any degradation of network quality will impact existing customers immediately.”

Using the Actix solution, operators can shorten their network acceptance process by up to 75%, increase engineering efficiency, and drive higher network quality.

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