Time To Act For NEC Resellers

The time has come for NEC resellers to embrace an innovative watch-style communication device. Distributors Nimans and Rocom say interest is growing in the unique M155 Messenger IP DECT which is ideal for hospitals, hospitality and care environments.

The stylish and compact unit can be worn on the wrist or on a necklace and works seamlessly with NEC’s feature-packed SV8100 communication platform.

Nimans’ and Rocom’s NEC Business Manager, Lynnette Smith, confirmed: “This is a unique product which can open-up many new sales opportunities for customers working in key market segments. It really does represent the changing face of user friendly and portable communications.”

The innovative device is part of NEC’s ‘7 reasons to choose the SV8100’ marketing campaign. Lynnette added: “The SV8100 is a powerful yet cost effective platform which has rapidly established itself as a market leader. It is available in a 9.5” version and comes complete with free mobile extensions, so users can treat their mobile phone just like a desk-based extension.

“The M155 Messenger is starting to play a more prominent role. It is a very attractive alternative to a DECT handset, taking mobility to new levels of convenience, especially for people working in hotels, care homes and the medical industries.”

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