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Time Well Spent, Convergence Summit South

Justifying your time out of the office is essential, not just for yourself but for your business or the business you work for. Seeing clients is brilliant, developing new relationships is equally satisfying, but no one wants to be out and about while the paper work stacks up on their desk. The Convergence Summit South is the perfect place to make the most out of your time out of the office. With all the major convergence suppliers in the market across fixed, mobile, IT and data where else can you meet this many people under one roof?! The answer: You can’t!

The event takes place on the 8th and 9th October at Sandown Park, Esher and we will be a jam packed two days of networking, meetings, business deals and seminars. Come along, you might learn a thing or two! Registration is FREE and all you need to do is sign up via the following link.

Three sign ups from the show commented on why they intend to exhibit at the show this year.

Rachel Walker, Head of Marketing at Destiny Wireless said “We are exhibiting at the Convergence Summit South because it is a great place to meet new partners and demonstrate new technologies. We have been attending this event for over 4 years and can easily say that it is the best of its’ kind. Destiny Wireless are offering our partners an exclusive commercial license for our Inkworks platform so that you get an extra administrative layer of Inkworks, allowing you to manage, organise and support your own customers and their solution. ”

A spokesperson from Node4 commented, “Convergence Summit South is a must-attend event for Node4 – it gives us the opportunity to show the strength and breadth of our solutions to current and potential partners.

The word convergence has been around in our industry for a long time and the delivery of converged solutions continues to evolve. The drivers for continued development of converged solutions are no different from the original ones – customers continue to demand more efficiency with lower costs and the industry continues to deliver solutions to enable that.”

Simon Woodhead from Simwood added “We operate exclusively to wholesale rather than resellers. We do this through a unique API making us a rock-solid but totally invisible partner for CPs who are ready to progress beyond “reselling” into owning the service they provide. This’ll be our first Convergence Summit as after 17 years in business we’re ready to make more noise about what we do and have some exciting news to share.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine