Timico Adds 365 to Offering

Timico has added a full Microsoft Office 365 package to its product offerings, providing customers with money-saving cloud-based Microsoft solutions alongside their typical hosting and connectivity requirements.

With the popularity of Office 365 ever growing thanks to its affordable pay-monthly structures and regular updates to software, Timico is now in a position to offer the solution to its customers as part of a ‘one stop shop’ of connectivity, Office solutions and customer support.

Available to businesses of all sizes, from enterprise organisations to SMBs, Timico’s Office 365 offerings enable organisations to adopt cloud-based Office solutions from as little as £3.10 per month, complete with full customer service and account management features.

Tom Moores, Director of Cloud & Hosting at Timico, said: “Office applications are a massive part of business life, with 95% of organisations favouring Microsoft services like Outlook and Excel. In the past licences were more expensive – but the availability of cloud-based Office 365 has changed all of that. With regular updates and affordable pay-monthly structures, it’s an appealing proposition for many businesses.

“However, purchasing Office 365 directly from Microsoft means assessing the level of service you need which can be difficult to gauge, especially when dealing with such business critical applications. By including Office 365 into our services, we can offer our expertise and customer service provision to guide customers through the transition and integration with existing services ensuring that the solution is absolutely fit for purpose and fully-supported.”

Office 365 solutions are perfect for workers on the move, as the cloud-based structure means emails, calendars and applications can be accessed wherever an internet connection is present – ideal for homeworkers or those who travel internationally.

What’s more, with more sophisticated Office applications now available, such as SharePoint and multiparty HD video conferencing, Office 365 allows businesses to benefit from the smartest and most intelligent business tools at a fraction of the cost – all supported by a trusted network connectivity provider.

Office 365 also automatically installs any necessary updates, meaning all Office applications are kept up-to-date. The Timico solutions boast business grade email with 50GB storage for secure document access, as well as the option to add collaboration tools.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine