Timico ADSL holds fast in the face of 24% usage increase due to Olympics

Timico Group, the provider of Unified Communication services to the business market, today announced that its business-strength ADSL-based internet service saw no reduction in performance even though demand grew by a staggering 24% due to increased demand during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The success of Team GB at the Olympics caused more people than usual to watch the events and a good proportion of them watched online whilst at work. Ordinarily this would have caused problems for Timico customers because the company has a policy of not throttling usage unlike most consumer ISPs. Normally the increase in demand would have slowed the performance of customers’ web access. However, with its eye as always on customer service and the delivery of guaranteed QoS, Timico anticipated the increased demand and had the foresight to order additional capacity as part of its standard planning process. Happily, the increased capacity coincided nicely with the success of Team GB.

“There are times when a business-strength service has benefits beyond ensuring that your business-critical internet access never lets you down. For our customers, the fact that they experienced no loss of performance to their work email and web usage whilst watching our team winning Gold online would have been invisible. All they need to know is that they subscribe to a business-strength service and it delivers under all circumstances. Consumer ISP customers are not so well supported and might sadly have missed sharing the magical moments with the rest of us,” says Chris Tombs, Chief Executive of Timico Group.

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