Timico is Shooting For Glory at the Convergence Summit

Timico is delighted to announce its attendance at the Convergence Summit North Hosted Telephony Shoot Out at Manchester Central Convention Complex on 17 March, underlining Timico’s confidence in the business strength hosted VoIP solution it delivers to customers.

This will be the second consecutive year Timico will be taking part in the shoot-out, which will involve three hosted telephony suppliers challenging each other’s applications and services to prove how easy they are to set up and get running.

“Timico is really excited to compete again in the Telephony Shoot Out. Whilst we can’t be compared directly with the more voice orientated services, we feel this is the ideal event to showcase the multimedia strength of our award winning hosted VoIP solution,” says Iain Sinnott, Head of Indirect Sales at Timico. “This year, I will be showcasing the user set up procedure, including allocating numbers to each phone and setting up the voicemail options and multiple call routing roles. I’ll also be running through a demonstration of Meet Me Now, our new web conferencing and collaboration service, along with a peer to peer voice and video call.”

Iain will be on stage between 14.45 and 15.45 at the conference centre.

“We have a proven VoIP solution that ultimately helps businesses transform their communications, reduce costs and improve productivity. Our VoIP service offers true flexibility as colleagues can securely collaborate with each other from any broadband connection in the world, plus it can be integrated with a variety of applications. This is why this year we are hoping to be voted the champion VoIP product in the UK,” concludes Iain Sinnott.

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