Timico’s new ‘Meet Me Now’ service helps businesses overcome the effects of bad weather

Up to three million people are thought to have missed work last week because of the snow, costing businesses around £600 million (www.telegraph.co.uk, Jan 2010). To overcome the effects of the winter weather, businesses need to make sure they have a flexible working policy in place to avoid unnecessary downtime, and ensure employees that can’t make it into work can continue working productively from home, or indeed wherever they are.

Timico has just launched its new ‘Meet Me Now’ web conferencing and collaboration service. With IP collaboration tools such as document sharing, voice and video conferencing, Meet Me Now is proving to be ideal for businesses to allow employees who choose, or are forced to work from home, to work as effectively as if they were in the office.

Timico’s Meet Me Now service can be used as a permanent solution for homeworkers to make their working processes easier, or as a contingency for periods of bad weather where workers are more likely to work from home. Meet Me Now is effectively a personal virtual meeting room. It allows you to host an online meeting, share presentations or work on documents with colleagues or customers, from any location with an internet connection. All customers have their own personal conference account, with a simple but unique secure access code for publishing to their colleagues when inviting them to join them online, in their meeting room.

“As the snow last week severely disrupted people’s ability to get to work, we used Meet Me Now even more than usual and saw just how powerful it can be,” says Chris Tombs, Chief Executive of Timico. “Due to the bad weather, many of our people were unable to travel to the office for meetings or attend customer appointments. Meet Me Now allowed staff to carry on working as normal from home and keep their appointments, saving a huge amount of time by avoiding having to reschedule.”

Meet Me Now essentially enables people who are ‘stuck at home’ for weather, sickness or dependents reasons to still take part in daily business activities as normal, especially useful with extended working hours becoming more prevalent.

“The benefits that Timico’s Meet Me Now service provides me are immeasurable. It is a simple, easy to use service that allows me to work with colleagues from the office as easily as being face-to-face with them. The money and time it saves our business, with the average monthly cost of having Meet Me Now being less than a quarter tank of petrol, it provides us with an almost instant ROI. I would urge all businesses that have homeworkers, or want to remove the risk of bad weather affecting productivity, to use Meet Me Now and see the difference it makes for themselves,” says Tom Wood, Director of Online Learning at RWA Group.

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