tIPicall See World Cup Drive Sales

tIPicall has reported a significant increase in the sales of international numbers during the football World Cup being held in Brazil.

tIPicall, who offer international numbers delivered to either IP endpoints or diverted to any number worldwide provide numbers from 28 out of the 32 competing nations at this year’s World Cup.

tIPicall’s resellers have been as creative as always with one ordering a local Brazilian number and having it pointed to their UK mobile phone so that they could travel through the country following the football whilst being able to provide their local number to airlines to get the special non-tourist airfares.

Guy Miller, Managing Director of tIPicall, said “England might have had an early exit but we’re seeing a huge increase in number orders for those countries competing as the nation’s eyes are more focused on the world stage. There doesn’t seem to be sour grapes in the telecoms world as orders for Costa Rican, Italian and Uruguayan numbers have increased fivefold”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine